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Brest City Park

The park is a nice place to  walk about . It features dozens of rare species of trees. The environment is perfect for recreation.

This serpentine spruce (Picea Abies "Virgata") is a rare species in Belarus

An old alley of the park

The Russian soldiers of Labava Regiment, who were stationed in this part of the city, laid out the park in 1906. Initially it covered 4 ha. Today it covers over 20 ha.


The park has undergone an all-out reconstruction before the centenary’s celebration.


On October 16,2004 the park was reopened  on completion of the 1st stage of the reconstruction. On that day the weather was nice, a lot of people came to the park. A long brand new track for lovers of skate board and roller skates runs across the park


Now park visitors can enjoy a big disco club, a concert stage in the open air, an amusement park and 2 lovely ponds that are called here Lakes: Upper Lake and Lower Lake. A canal connects them. Water is slowly flowing from Upper Lake to Lower Lake. New bridges span the canal banks and link to the island in the centre of Upper Lake. Nice new wrought-iron fences and railings gave a new look to the sites around the lakes.
Two fountains spring high amid the Upper Lake.


 On May 1, 2006 it has been reopened as it is named after the First of May Holiday. On that day, the weather was nice; many people came to the park. Festivities were a success.


Let's take a walk around the lakes.

Upper Lake


Bridges of  Upper lake make the embankment look nice

At last the fountain works!

“U Ozera (By the Lake)” Tavern is on the beautiful shore of  Upper lake, trimmed by the weeping willows.

The tables of the tavern are on the shore,  out of doors.
 “U Ozera (By the Lake)” tavern offers European traditional dishes and Belarusian specialties.

A canal connects Upper Lake with Lower lake,


water is slowly flowing down from Upper to Lower lake. New bridges span the banks of the canal. Bridges have no name, so far

 a fountain in Upper lake  is seen straight ahead


the canal leads us to Lower lake



Lower Lake

July 2005


Lower Lake on a hot July day



a concert in the open air


Kids admire the boat rides!


Kids will enjoy the amusement park


  Knights' tournament on Oct 16,2004 was breathtaking. The local club of  knights' fans displayed their skill and art.



Welcome to the park in winter




March 6,2005 Farewell to the winter, Russian Maslenitsa, a big fire is exiting the kids



Minus 5, the guy is trying to climb up the pole to get the prize atop. The traditional maslenitsa competition


Here it is the prize! Well done! Another he-man appeared in Brest!


To see more views of the park

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Welcome to the Brest park!

Location: The city park is 10 minutes’ walk away from the railway station.