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The pictures of Zhabinka

that I took on July 14, 2004 and
on October 23, 2004



Brest Train Station



I started my trip in Brest. It looked like raining in Brest and in Zhabinka  
  Here we go! The ticket in the pocket, the train stands ready! Train Station in Brest, Belarus  
  Zhabinka Train Station

At last I am in Zhabinka
  The building of the station is the main tourist attraction here. It can be seen by all passengers who travel from Brest to Minsk -Moscow Zhabinka Train Station  
  Zhabinka near Train Station A small square in front of the station  
  A small park by the station Zhabinka  
  Zhabinka I am walking out of the park and see the first street - Lenin street  
  That is a street of big and small shops. Nearly no costumers at this time Zhabinka  
  here the streets splits off into 3 streets Zhabinka  
  Zhabinka I take the right one. It is Freedom street  
  Old soviet houses and contemporary structures Zhabinka  
  in a lane like street next to Freedom street, this is kommunisticheskaya street  Zhabinka
A lovely goat family in the yard greeted me all of a sudden

water tower and a bank branch in Freedom street



the  yard and the boarding school by the yard in Freedom street,

 in summer  kids are away for 3 months

  Here the local bread was being baked in Freedom street when I visited the town. Today it is a big Cupermarket "EuroOpt"


  Zhabinka  Zhabinka

At last the rain finished, Freedom street

        Zhabinka, in a flat


Inside a flat. The host is glad to serve with tea.


The central square is in the street that leads to Brest Moscow highway, now I look to the right see the Culture palace





Culture palace offer the best concert hall here, library and sections for amateur artists

Zhabinka Zhabinka


Now I am looking to the right



Now to the left


  and the street leads back to the station Zhabinka  
  Zhabinka The provender mill is the largest structure here  and it is the best landmark to find the way to the station. It can be seen in far away  
  Here I have enlarged the view.






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