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Brest, Belarus

Autumn Fair 2004

Welcome to the fair in Brest!

the pics were taken on October 9, 2004


  We start by the Matrix in Sovietskaya street

To arrest our imagination, the pirates appeared in the street

  The singers are enlivening the mood of the first visitors Here they are the first guests and listeners  

  Shashlyks are offered at any here and there The fish soup from the HUGE barrel tastes fantastic!  
  That is a paradise for kids indeed! All the lovely things here are baked. These are actually various kinds of bread  
  You bet! One can be at a loss here! A backcountry cabin. That is really a rare occasion of insight into the countryside idyll for the kids of a big city!  
  A village yard amid a big city! Welcome to our countryside home!  


  the pics below were taken on October 16,2004  
  No rain today, it's the best for family to come to the fair!  
  By the market with its big cupola many tents appeared today that offer yummy things  
  These tasty goodies are out of bread  
  Colorful interior of the peasant's home breaks the monotony of the gray city pavement  
  Authentic folk music can be heard, the singers came from the countryside  
  Welcome to us  
  the pics below were taken on October 23,2004   
  For the third time this year the fair summon the local population and guests, one can show and sell the products of the land, the other can buy what he desires  
  The kid is fascinated by the fish in this makeshift ditch right amid the flower bed.  
  The brass band is playing loudly and  can be heard from afar  
  The concert in front of the market is over,

Till the next fall!

Till the next fair next year